Auf dieser Seite findet Ihr die Neuigkeiten... Also alles was neu ist. Gut, manches davon ist auch alt. Aber in dem Falle neu. Also neu auf der Seite. Weils vorher nicht da war. Wie auch immer. Hier jedenfalls. Neu. Mehr oder weniger.


von Crash

crossing the desert

in the middle of nowhere
i'll wait for you
bracing my heart
and facing the storm

in the desert of my thoughts
i'll wait for you
watching the endless sand
and searching for water

in my heart
you have a place
giving me shelter
and easing my thirst

in your hands
i feel your love
in your eyes
i see your tenderness
and your smile
eases the pain of the world

for you
i'll cross the desert
and face the storm
just to get home
by your side.

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von Crash

who are you

when i lay awake
i could hear the echos of your words
ringing in my head
i could hear them whispering
saying that i cannot show you
what you mean to me.

when i was dreaming
i dreamt of you
and heard you saying
'thats not me'
and frightend i woke up
and asked me
who are you?

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von Crash

love you anytime

a winters night
your call me wake
and hours over without a break
we talked 'bout tis and that
an' met at daylight and just sat
and spoke and argued full amused
shared time spent life were both seduced
found life and each found one another
to share with love and other rather
be yours and hope you will be mine
know then i'll love you anytime.

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von Crash

love you

i could feel your heat
and the fire that burns inside

when i opened my eyes
i saw your eyes shine bright like a light

when i touched your skin
i could feel the shiver running over you

and when we made love
the earth stopped turning
and the stars dimmed their light
and the night was our witness
of unspoken delight
we wandered the alleys
and untrodden ways
to find what we searched for
in so many ways

i was laying beside you
feeling your breath on my skin
i was in a country
i never was in

you opened my eyes
you broke into my heart
you gave me such comfort
right from the start.

i've spoken the truth
cause all that i could say
was that i love you.

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von Crash


in the darkest hour
you touched my hand
and held it tight
made my paid go away
and left me with that warm inside
only you can give me

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