Tell me

Tell me
what you think
Tell me
what you feel

Tell me
what you see
On the back of your lids
with the tip of your heart
whispering in your head.

Tell me
what you taste
Speak to me
about the metal taste
that fills your mouth
the warm liquid
running down your throat
when you break my heart.

Tell me
are your fingers shaking
is your heart beating like wild
do you feel high
when all the pain you bring to me
breaks my hopes
erases all my dreams
brings me to the ground
in shards of shards to dust.

Tell me
about the time we had
about the dreams we shared
about the life we lived
two as one
easing the pain
and sharing the joy
in those forgotten times.

Tell me
will there be us again
will we be we
or do we share like strangers
living together
just the space of our homes
dreaming only our own dreams
for all the live thats left.

Tell me
about the hope
lie to me about the future
give me a meaning
just a light in the dark
and let us find the path
back to ourselves
where we can share the happiness again.


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