Take it

Take it
shake it
break it
get the hell out of here
and make it
don't stop
don't wait
don't let the life go by
don't hesitate
to take you chance
to play the game
to go insane
take it shake it break it
make more of it or fake it
time to move
time to play
time to get a life.
move as fast as you can
don't hear the sound
of your own destruction
let the bomb explode
when you are far away
the nod that strangles your mind
that blocks the air
fuelling your lungs with fire
nothing else than pure desire
take it
shake it
break it
don't let your life get by
take your chances
play your game
get everything
or go insane
break the wall in you heart
burn the feel in your gut
squeeze every drop of your life
and never look back
at the empty bottle left behind.


Was ist die Summe aus 3 und 7?