on a bright summer day
i was walking my way
when a single snowflake
fell on my hand
melting in the summer sun

I don't know where it came from
or where it belonged
but it coolled my skin
freshened my heart
and let me think of winter
as if it was never gone

on a stormy winter night
I was walking the streets
and felt the warmth of the sun
remembering the days we were together
and shared our world
and a single teardrop fell
and froze and vanished to somewhere else in time
taking the pain and leaving me empty
and alone in the dark

I woke one morning in spring
dreaming you where still beside me
I could feel your warmth lingering
but when I touched the other side of the bed
it was cold
long left
long gone
leaving not a trace behind

When the leaves fall
I still can rember the way we sat and watched
dreaming of summer
all winter long
hoping spring will come again
with the blossoms of love
but all I can see is the dying of the world outside
and the pain in my heart
keeping my company

When will this be over?
when will I see the world again in colors
stopping to stare at this empty chair beside me
and not hoping that the next call will be yours?


Was ist die Summe aus 4 und 3?